• Jason Leal

Teyana Taylor goes live to clear up some things about her retirement

It was her label, not the Grammy's snub, that caused her early retirement.

R&b singer, Teyana Taylor, took to IG on Friday, December 4th, to share with fans her Spotify Wrapped stats. During her post, however, she wrote, "I'm retiring this chapter of my story." In this cryptic post, many fans thought this meant the songstress was retiring. In the post, Teyana Taylor stated, she felt "underappreciated" as an artist and feels she does not get the support she deserves. Moreover, many thought this post came in response to her project, The Album, which was released earlier this year, June 19th, 2020, not being nominated for a Grammy.

She then went live the following day to clear a few things up regarding her IG post in response to fan reactions. In the IG live, she first states that it has nothing to do with being snubbed for a Grammy. Taylor said the remarks regarding feeling unappreciated were actually towards her label. Currently, the songstress works for G.O.O.D Music and Def Jam, yet Teyana Taylor asserts that they haven't been doing much to support her or her career. Stating, "Yes, I am going to feel under-appreciated if I’m putting in 110 percent and my label is giving me, they’re reciprocating 10 percent of that."

In her explanation of the post, she states her retirement is necessary for her "mental health," adding that her sanity and kids are more significant than her career. In the live, Teyana Taylor asserts that she will no longer be making music and that she has requested, several times, to be dropped from Def Jam, and her IG post was a reflection of that.

In the coming days since her post, artists like Cardi B, The Game, and Swizz Beats have sent their love via social media, while Swizz Beats also featured Teyana Taylor on his Zone Radio, posted via his personal Instagram.

Check out her IG Live here.