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Tez Young talks debut EP 'Chapter 1: Forever Broken'

Tez Young speaks with RemixdMag to open up about his musical journey so far.

Philadelphia area Hip-Hop artist Tez Young has been working on his sound and his hard work is paying off. Young started doing music in January 2019. The tragic loss of his sister due to diabetes opened a space where Tez needed a new way to vent. Music initially ended up finding him when a friend invited him to a studio session.

"I decided to pursue music because I had lost my sister in November 2018 due to diabetes leaving behind two of my nephews," Young told RemixdMag. "Life was hard and sometimes I still find myself getting upset about her passing and reminiscing about the old times. I needed a way to vent and going to someone to talk wasn’t something I felt would benefit me. I just didn’t understand how someone would be able to understand my pain without being in my shoes. February 2019, I started doing music and things started rolling from there…"

Tez Young has a unique sound that is distinctive and sets himself apart from the rest. He sings and raps, and is not restricted by specific genres in particular.

"I see no limits in my talent of writing," he continued.

When asked about the inspiration behind why he makes music, Young said that the "inspiration came from seeing the impact" that his music made on people.

"Seeing people post videos singing my songs," Young added. "Seeing my stats and people from across the world listening and sending me my songs. Having people come up to me telling me I have a gift and don’t stop. Most importantly my inspiration came from being able to express my feelings in ways that impact you more than just me telling you. If I can make you feel me, then I’m satisfied because you really heard me."

His last project of collective songs that he released was called Forever Broken, which was an EP that detailed failed relationships that he had experienced.

"The message I hope fans take away from my music is that it’s okay to experience heartbreak in any form," Tez Young concluded. "Whether it’s losing someone or heartbreak in some form of relationship. And It’s okay to let it out. It doesn’t make you weak. Letting things out is good for your mental and healing for your heart."

You can follow him on Instagram @Tezyoungofficial.

Stream his project below!