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The Real Corey J. delivers bars on latest album, 'Real Deal True Story Pt. 2'

The Real Corey J.'s latest album, Real Deal True Story Pt. 2, is now streaming everywhere. The album is a follow-up to his first project, Real Deal: True Stroy, released in October 2018.

The Real Corey J. is in a lane of his own, as his unique cadence and sounds make his sound diverse. The Real Corey J. even describes it as it being in "its own realm, just like I am, I create what I feel needs to be created or said, and what's next sometimes I don't even know, All I can tell you is Press Play and allow your energy to speak for you."

His sound is introspective, mesmerizing, and positively enjoyable, as any song will have you singing/ rapping along, feeling yourself, or getting up and moving. The Real Corey J. has something for anyone.

His latest release, Real Deal True Story, Pt.2, is a ten-track album that is follow up to his first album, Real Deal: True Story, which came out in 2018, and gives a more closer look at The Real Corey J.'s life currently, as his latest album "gets more in-depth and relatable and talks about the Good Bad and the Ugly side of life and [himself]."

The album features The Real Corey J.'s unique sound and flows, depicted as versatile as hell! He is adaptable as each song sounds different from one other, yet is a perfect compilation of sounds that can only come from a love for music, as Corey J. has, as he continues to grow and refine his sound.

The project features such hit songs as "Busy Body," "Grimey,' "On Gawd,""Blue Faces," "What You Need," and "Seen It All Part.II," which showcases his versatility as an artist, as he drops hit after hit with different flow after flow. The Real Corey J. is a chameleon on the track, blending in yet thriving while doing so.

Be sure to tap in with The Real Corey J. Via social media @TheReal_CoreyJ or his Website @ TheGawdShop.com for merch, links to all music, social media, and Contact info.

Make sure to stream The Real Corey J.'s latest project, Real Deal True Story, Pt.2, below!