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Tianis Rose is "Moving Too Fast" in her new single, featuring Yung Bleu

"Moving Too Fast" comes off label Social Currency Enterprises album, Full House, as Tianis Rose seizes the spotlight with her track, "Moving Too Fast."

The 'First Lady" of Carolina record label, Social Currency Enterprises, Tianis Rose is making a name for herself with her new release, "Moving Too Fast," off her label's compilation album, Full House.

The single, "Moving Too Fast," is full of vitality, as Tianis breathes life into the track, creating a melodic ballad about heartbreak, keeping it real, and so much more. The track, featuring the freshly crowned BET Hip Hop Award winner for Best New Artist, Yung Bleu, pairs up for one hell of a tune, as they get reflective about love, being apart, and being infatuated, as they detail love and independence.

The song comes in at a little over three minutes, detailing the ups and downs of love and the problem of "moving too fast." As Tianis showcases her range, opening the track with light guitar plucking, serenading her audience with smooth vocals about the good of the relationship, still wishing your ex well, "if I let you leave, please don't crash." Then as the beat progresses and becomes heavier, so does Tianis's heart.

As she "has been doing better" since being on her own, picking up the tempo of the track, rapping, dropping bars, going back and forth with Yung Bleu, exploring the downfall of the relationship. The song leaves you with this feeling of wanting the relationship to last. But also, this independence you gained from being on your own, placing you in an introspective state of mind and not knowing where you stand in the relationship.

Be sure to tap in with Tianis Rose via Instagram @tacobae as she is someone to keep an eye on, as her versatility of sound makes her stand out.

Listen to Tianis Rose and Yung Bleu's new song, "Moving Too Fast," below!