• Avi Cantor

Tierra Whack drops introspective new tracks "Peppers and Onions" and "Feel Good"

Philadelphia emcee Tierra Whack is one of the most creative up-and-coming talents in music right now. Her critically acclaimed project Whack World dissected elements of pop, r&b, and rap to form a colorful, zany, heartfelt, and hard-hitting album in just 14 minutes.

Her newest tracks "Peppers and Onions" and "Feel Good" showcase her unparalleled attention to detail and ability to push sonic boundaries while speaking on topics that resonate with the listener.

To start, "Peppers and Onions" is a painter's palette where Tierra has added a little bit of every color to a vibrant pool of contrasting hues and shades. The song's instrumental blends hard-hitting 808s with whistling and tongue clacking to create an airy, yet punctual environment for Whack to talk about her struggle with being a role model and dealing with mental health issues.

Whack's second track "Feel Good" has a much more somber feel with deep, drawn-out piano notes and lyrics about struggling to find happiness.

"It goes happy this, it goes happy that, but somehow I can't seem to find happy whack, where did she go," the 25-year-old talent sings.

Both tracks give a much more personal peek into Tierra Whack's life than listeners may be used to, making these tracks all the more powerful.

Check out Whack World and the rest of her music now on all platforms!