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Tmcxj's new single "Music for the vibers" is a vibe

Stream the new single on all platforms today.

Independent artist Tmcxj released a vibey new track, appropriately named "Music for the vibers," which is out on all platforms. The Compton-native rapper shares a deep message on the song, as well as curates a melodic vibe on the track -- a skill that he's effectively mastered. The message on the track has to do with living your best life, proving naysayers wrong, and Tmcxj reflecting on making the decision to pursue music as a serious career.

Tmcxj is a great example of someone who can make a hip-hop song feel like an R&B track. With it's smooth melody and punchy lyrics, "Music for the vibers" is a song that displays Tmcxj's talents in a well-rounded way and shows his ability to rap on a smooth beat. The song doesn't even need any features, because he fits all of the roles a song could need himself.

The catchy hook, combined with the cadence and delivery of the flow, makes for a song that would be perfect to play during a smoke session with friends (and several other occasions).

Prior to this release, Tmcxj has definitely been grinding and working to create engaging content for his audience. The video for "VYBZ" for example, is a body of work where we visually see his creative side and get to know him better through the aesthetic that's displayed in the visual.

Stay tuned with what he has coming next and follow him on Instagram @tmcxj.

Check out "Music for the vibers" below.