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Tyler J. releases new single "Made for Me"

Featuring 1TakeOcho & 1TakeQuan

Shot by Blu (@createdbyblue) & KacksVisuals (@kacksvisuals)

Tyler J. hits fans with a brand new single titled "Made for Me" that features fellow 1Take members 1TakeQuan & 1TakeOcho. With production from HQ (ProdByHQ), Tyler expresses on the hook what qualities make it seem like she was indeed made for him. With the aid of Quan & Ocho, they dive a little more into detail as to why they feel so drawn to their special someone.

As Tyler becomes more comfortable within his talents, he hopes to see himself on more hooks this coming year. Not only within his own tracks of course, but through other artists as well.

Follow Tyler J. on social media @theofficialtylerj, and stream his music below.