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UK's Afro-beat sensation Donel just released his debut EP African Boy, PT. 1

Donel was a fan favorite on UK's The Voice and even invited to Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday party. The young singer has taken time to reinvent and refine his sound, releasing his debut EP, African Boy, PT. 1.

Donel is an incredible Afro-beat sensation, singer, and entertainer from Zimbabwean, UK. The 19-year-old singer has been making a name for himself with his happy, poppy cadence and an airy afro-beat that is sure to make anyone dance, move, and shake themselves around. Donel's three-track EP is full of love, warmth, and grace.

From his joyous hooks to fun, charismatic, and humorous visuals, Donel is a genuine artist making music for the love of it, centering his family and life in Zimbabwean in his visual for "Motion." From his debut project, African Boy, PT. 1 EP, the "Motion" music video bestows his audience what truly matters to him, his family, community, and incredible music. Donel displays his humor, charm, and killer dance moves. Watch the visual below.

Donel's sound has matured, more confident even. The refinement of his sound has led him to grow under his new contract with Artistry Records/Warner Records. He has this heart-warming melodic sound and energy that grip and draws you in, leaving you with this feeling of needing and wanting more.

Be sure to check out Donel's latest project, African Boy, PT. 1., below!