• Michaela Greene

Unocoolbro delivers "Onna Wave" visual from latest EP 'Continue Watching'

North Carolina rapper and screenwriter Unocoolbro has released his opening visual called "Onna Wave" from his most recent EP Continue Watching. The visual definitely showcases Unocoolbro's creativity and screenwriting skills, so it's no wonder that it tells a story from beginning to end.

"Yes, I’m a screenwriter," Unocoolbro tells Remixd Magazine. "That’s one of the things I do when I’m not making music. When it comes to creativity, I’m always creating rather it’s waking up just to write down my thoughts and turn them into music or just write a movie when rap gets boring. But I’m also an outdoor person, so I’m always outside doing any activities: hiking, basketball, skateboarding, etc."

"Onna Wave" is about the main character, Jimmy, discovering his enemy's whereabouts and deciding to seek revenge. The suspenseful video showcases Unocoolbro's creativity as he brings his vision to life. The description of the visual says "Jimmy has finally found out Proof's whereabouts and decides to seek revenge..." leaving the audience wonder what will happen next as Unocoolbro narrates the story through his music.

"My entire music catalogue is from my upbringing, growing up in literally the poorest place in North Carolina, I always saw the rawest yet purest environments," Unocoolbro continues. "And that transfers over into my music, I’m super transparent about my struggles and yet I want people to know who I am in the purest form."

Be sure to check Unocoolbro's latest visual "Onna Wave," and stay tuned for the sequels to the saga that will be released very soon!