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Upcoming artist Dez Frio talks inspirations behind latest project 'When Life Gives You Melons'

Dez Frio is an independent artist based in Little Rock, Arkansas who's making a name for himself. He has a unique style of rapping and talks about real life experiences in his songs that range from his past and upbringing, to women and dealing with emotions. He first started making music in his early childhood to help express his emotions and control his feelings better.

The upcoming talent has been consistent in putting music out and has no plan of stopping any time soon.

"I recorded throughout high school to stay out of trouble but football took over," Dez Frio told RemixdMag in an interview. "Really in high school no one knows which route to take so I wanted to experience multiple routes. After being dropped from college football in 2013/2014 ... it was back to the drawing board. I then came up with the name Dez Frio and the brand CodeLifeTMWW."

When asked about how his upbringing has played a role in his decision to pursue a career in music, Dez Frio detailed having an abusive past, which he says explains why he has an aggressive delivery in his music.

"My abusive past and being in the street at an early age is where a lot of that rage and yelling is coming from in my delivery," he said. "Dealing with females, money, and emotions is how the lyrics accumulate."

He has a few projects under his belt that shows off his unique style and displays his talents for everyone to see. Projects such as The Benji Code and Lost Files are two examples of work that Dez Frio released for people to get to know the real him and become familiar with his style as an artist. One thing that's unique about him is that he uses his natural voice with no computer effects on most of his songs. It automatically catches people's ears and reveals his creative side.

During the interview with RemixdMag, Dez Frio discussed what the feedback has been like to his most recent project When Life Gives YOU Melons.

"It's been getting crazy recognition people reacted and are catching on faster than I expected," he said. "I stepped up my game with this one and the producer Meloun is all in when it comes to my career I’m the same way for his so the energies mixing just matches. 'Megastar' was the lead single for the drop but 'Kong King' featuring Kiddo Weirdo has gotten the most fan reaction -- it’s automatic feedback with that one."

You can keep up with Dez Frio on social media at @DezFrio220 on Twitter and @DezFrio on Instagram.

Check out his latest project below.