• Avi Cantor

Verzuz Battle: Jeezy and Gucci Mane recap

For 15 years, trap music pioneers Gucci Mane and Jeezy have been beefing after collaborating on their first and last song, "So Icy." Naturally, it came as a surprise to many that the two would appear on the popular webcast series Verzuz to compete with each other in a battle with each other.

Before the battle went live, Gucci rereleased "Truth," a diss track he originally dropped against Jeezy back in 2012. The song is a vicious attack on Jeezy that details everything from killing one of Jeezy's artists who tried to rob him to Jeezy's relationship with singer Keyshia Cole. This move seemed to reignite the beef between the two rappers, further exciting fans of both rappers.

Within two minutes, over half a million fans flooded the Instagram live steam eagerly awaiting the arrival of their beloved trap gods. However, the fans would have to stave off their anticipation for nearly an hour waiting for the two to emerge from behind the two kings thrones.

Jeezy and Gucci finally took the stage and quickly got the battle started. Gucci took no time to warm the crowd up immediately playing "Round 1," another Jeezy diss track that totes lines like "Yous a perfect example of what a crab is Choppa hit ya, make ya scream out ya adlibs."

Jeezy's rebuttal to Gucci came in the form of the Intro from the first installment of the Trap or Die series. Despite being a classic song, Gucci's scathing attack earned him the win for round one.

Jeezy wouldn't let the sting of Gucci's punch to the mouth last too long. The Snowman's performance of "Trap Or Die," a boisterous, triumphant track that boasts the rapper's lyrical prowess as well as his talent for selling drugs and making enormous profits off of those sales. Score at the end of round two, Jeezy: 1, Gucci: 1

The two battled back and forth with classics like "I Think I Lover Her," "Bottom of the Map," and "Jeezy the Snowman." However, just when Jeezy seemed to be pulling away, Gucci whipped out his hit track "Wake Up in the Sky" with Bruno Mars and Kodak Black. Score at the end of six rounds, Jeezy: 4, Gucci: 3.

The next few rounds favor the Zone 6 native with tracks like "Bricks" and "Make the Trap Aye" but Jeezy quickly evens the score at 6 with his performance of the RIAA certified Platinum track "Lose My Mind."

Rounds 14, 15, and 16 see Gucci flexing his jewelry and clothes saying "My outfit cost 10 bands, look at my opponent.” Jeezy rebuttals by flaunting his real estate assets exclaiming “I ain’t got no 10 thousand dollar outfit, but I own half of Atlanta.” However, the competitive banter takes a turn for the worst when Gucci plays "Truth."

Jeezy is visibly upset and tries to stop Gucci in his tracks.

“I extended my hand because I’m a real man...we are the culture, me and you, what we came from, what we been through, ”he explains. “All these kids out here do what the fuck they do because they saw what went on with us...This shit ain't bout me, this shit ain't bout you. This shit bout King Von, this shit bout Doe B, this shit bout Nipsey Hustle, this shit bout Mo3… ”

But even after naming the fallen rappers of the last year, a glimpse of the "old Gucci" resurfaces. Gucci doubles down on his malicious attacks with the track "745," yet another Jeezy diss track.

Luckily, the tension would subside and the final round of the battle saw Gucci squashing the beef officially stating, “All respect...I appreciate you extending the olive branch, all love.”

The two finished the night with a performance of their iconic song "So Icy." Everyone from Fat Joe to Sportscenter to Yella Beezy cheered in the comment section and the night ended on a high note for fans and the culture as a whole.

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