• Kaela Carter

Virginia’s Sækyi releases new EP Sunset Demo's

Alternative Hip-Hop artist, Sækyi, started buzzing in the Summer of 2019 when his “Speak Easy” single was featured on two editorial playlists on Spotify. He has since released a few other singles such as “Girls” and the 808-infused “Free Fall,” the latter of which serves as the lead single for his latest EP, Sunset Demo’s. The 15-minute EP released on today, houses six dynamic tracks that take the listener through the intimate highs and lows of the Ghanaian-American emcee’s love life. The recent project while short in length showcases Sækyi’s ability to be raw and vulnerable in his music and also relatable to listeners.

"Sunset Demo's is really me working through the stages of love or a relationship. With me pulling from my personal past experiences and piecing together this loose narrative. Every song is something I’ve felt, done, or thought of before. So this tape really is just a summary of my love life,” Sækyi shares with us.

Though he is no stranger to introspective rhymes on love, Sunset Demo’s has a much more distinctive approach, as Sækyi reflects on the highs and self-destructive lows of previous relationships. From the use of warm, immersive melodies on “Apt. 706” featuring singer Eric Penn, to using low pitch vocal distortion for raw, moody records like “Kink” where sticky punchlines conceal his insecurity, Sunset Demo’s is a personal, yet remarkable introduction to Sækyi’s artistry.

You can stream Sunset Demo’s here.