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Vybe Entertainment presents "On The Road" visual by Shy Gawdly ft. Danny Towers

This makes Vybe Entertainment's first label debut visual.

Upcoming artist Shy Gawdly just dropped his latest visual called "On The Road" ft. Danny Towers. The video is presented by Vybe Entertainment, which is a music label that just started in December 2020 and was founded by Carlos De La Cruz.

"On The Road" makes for Vybe Entertainment's debut label release, which premiered in December 2020. The catchy song has gained massive traction on Spotify, amassing hundreds of thousands of streams on just Spotify alone. Now, the visual is finally out and was highly-anticipated by audiences. The video matches the lyrics of the song perfectly, as Shy Gawdly and Danny Towers take their dynamic chemistry to the next level on the track. Audiences can see the two flexing in nice whips, beautiful ocean views, and of course surrounded by beautiful women.

The upbeat track shows off the artists' skills and positions Shy Gawdly as someone to definitely be on the lookout for.

Vybe Entertainment's ultimate goal is to grow larger and take over as a label.

"We want to establish a major distribution deal with a major label while keeping our independence and helping our community," De La Cruz said.

As far as future plans for the label, they plan on releasing more music, and continue to build a roster full of hitmakers.

Watch the visual for "On The Road" below.

You can follow Vybe Entertainment here: https://www.instagram.com/vybeent/

You can follow Shy Gawdly here: https://www.instagram.com/47gawdly/