• Tallie Spencer

Interview: WRKINSILENCE unveils '7 Days' music video

Updated: Jan 22

"The song, and the visuals portray my everyday life," WRKINSILENCE told Remixd Magazine.

RemixdMagazine conducted an interview with WRKINSILENCE to talk about his music journey. Watch it below.

Proudly independent artist WRKINSILENCE (pronounced Work-in-silence) just released the music video for his single “7 Days” available to watch here. In the video, the Corona, California-based artist delivers a melodic tune with a vibrant visual to match. WRKINSILENCE’s contemporary R&B/pop sound resonates with audiences all over the globe, and has garnered praise from the likes of Kevin Durant, PNB Rock, and Belly. The rising talent uses his music mainly to spread awareness about battling inner demons and spreading awareness about mental health.

His latest song “7 Days” tells the story of WRKINSILENCE being a hustler and somebody who works hard for the things he wants in life. The vibey, melodic track showcases the artist’s versatility, while his soothing falsetto vocals reminds audiences of his familiar voice and impressive vocal range. With an upbeat tempo and ode to his workaholic nature, “7 Days” serves as an autobiography of WRKINSILENCE’s life, acknowledging how he’s constantly working and figuring out ways to hustle. The dark and authentic sound that the song portrays speak to what has inspired him musically and invites listeners onto his journey.

“The song, and the visuals portray my everyday life,” WRKINSILENCE said in a recent interview with Remixd Magazine.“From working all day, to working the morning shift – I’m always hustling. I’m nowhere near where I want to be in life. I haven’t felt success yet. I’m hungry, and never satisfied. For this reason, I got to keep working.”

His music has also served as an inspiration for many. The overall relaxing, chill vibe that many of his songs encompass are a testament to how music has served as a healing and therapeutic method for not only him, but the people around him.

“I receive hundreds of messages from supporters worldwide telling me that my music has helped them with their relationship issues, depression, and how it also makes them feel good overall,” WRKINSILENCE said in a statement. “For this reason, my purpose is to serve the people that support me and deliver music that can resonate with them.”

You can watch the video for “7 Days,”below.