• Michaela Greene

HeirWave Music Group’s artist WHYNOTduce releases new single “Lord Save Me”

WHYNOTduce is one of the most unique rising artists from Virginia. Recently signed to Pusha T’s label “HeirWave Music Group”, the rapper sets himself apart from the rest with his melodic sound, thoughtful lyricism, and impressive storytelling. His latest release and visual for the single “Lord Save Me” is a brilliant track off his upcoming mixtape Every Emotion. As the single gives insight on what his life was like before and after he became signed to a label, WHYNOTduce is someone who has been able to turn events from his past into a growing rap career.

“I just hope supporters can see me for me! My single doesn’t sound like anything that’s out right now; I’m just ready for them to embrace me and this new journey. There’s so much variety on this tape that you are bound to love at least one song.”

The single “Lord Save Me” is a beautiful collection of thoughts, narratives, and experiences that gives listeners a deeper look into who WhyNotDuce is as a person and an artist. He sets the tone in the pairing visual by bouncing back and forth between scenes depicted in a church to the various scenarios of street life.

“Over a few years, I detailed every emotion I felt or went through, or even the emotions I witnessed from a friend. Some of the stories and feelings and certain situations might be inspired by someone close to me. I took all of that and put it into a project. Can expect a little bit of everything there.”

​​With influences stemming from J. Cole and Young Thug, there is no surprise that WHYNOTduce can create music that includes the perfect mixture of trap and conscious rap.

“I’m passionate about music because it’s my therapy, it’s helped me get through certain parts of my life. It’s also made me see that it’s more to live than clocking into a 9 to 5.”

As WHYNOTduce gears up for new music, be sure to stream his latest release “Lord Save Me” out now on all platforms!

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