• Avi Cantor

Wichita rapper 199X releases new EP 'Kandyland'

199X's dynamic new project Kandyland is out now on all platforms!

Kandyland is for all the people who desperately miss going to clubs with friends, no thanks to COVID-19. 199X's four-track project injects the listener with a much-needed flashback to the pre-covid days.

Tracks like "Gone" and "Kamera" practically feel like a high with minimalistic yet sinister production and catchy lyrics.

If you're fiending for more from 199X, check out his last tape Eat Pray Numb and his track "Luv It" which offers a more vibrant take on the strip club bangers on Kandyland.

When asked about what’s one reason he is passionate about music and what inspires him, 199X responded:

"Music is therapy! I’m just creative enough to make it rhyme! I’m not fueled by other people's success -- I’m only in competition with myself."

He continued to state that he's inspired by being the best version of himself that he can be.

"I’m only here to tell my story as long as I keep living I'm always going to have a new story or experience to tell," he said. "This shit just fun as hell to be real with you! This shit feel like a big ass video game. Once I stop having fun with it I’m off this shit like its 2k or somethin'."

As far as any hobbies outside of music and what he does to stay creative, 199X says that he plays basketball and makes business plans!

You can check out Kandyland below!