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Xay Capisce talks Black Lives Matter, George Floyd

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Rising southern rapper Xay Capisce is one of hip hop's brightest rising emcee's. Coming fresh off of the release of his new "Confessional" single, the Alabama native is at the top of is game musically. I had the pleasure of catching up with him for a casual conversation discussing his music, black lives matters and life as a father in entertainment. Check it out below.

How were you able to garner success in the music industry after serving 8 years in the feds?

Just being myself. Not allowing my past to box me in.

Being that you are a black man and father, how has the death of George Floyd impacted your life?

That his death may bring about the change that my ancestors desired.

How do you balance your person life with your professional like as I know you are a father and a rising superstar all at the same time?

Just balance my attention and time, so that I’m fluent in both ends.

How have you use your platform to spark change and unity among the African American community?

Speaking up in da gaps and supporting the movement any way I can.

What does Black Lives Matter mean to you an an entertainer in the music business?

The same it meant since the day I was born. EVERYTHING.

What are some ways you have been able to remain creative since the coronavirus has swept the world?

Listening to influential artist from the past and just seeing what inspired them in the times they lived in.

What is some advice you give to other aspiring to beak into the music industry?

Be persistent and believe in yourself.

Coming off of the release of your "Hard To Bare" video, why do you feel like it is important to remain authentic when creating music?

So that u give true inspiration thru your music from real life events.

Please press play below to stream Xay Capisce's latest single "Confessional".