• Jason Leal

Xion McKnight shows off skills in new visual "Prayer and Patience"

XION MCKNIGHT reflects on life and isolation in his new visual, "PRAYER and PATIENCE."

XION MCKNIGHT just released a new visual for his track, "PRAYER and PATIENCE," a trippy visual following Xion alone around his Atlanta, Georgia neighborhood.

Atlanta native XION MCKNIGHT is back and better than ever, refining his sound and coming through with some trippy visuals in his new music video, "PRAYER and PATIENCE."

The visual for "PRAYER and PATIENCE" opens with a hypnotic optical effect, blurring the world around you, juxtaposing it with a still of MCKNIGHT alone in a bright white shirt, an image of isolation that is recurring throughout the visual. As the video progresses, XION isn't alone the entire time, but it is a good portion of the video we find XION MCKNIGHT alone, reflecting and idly waiting, which can be seen as a prayer or meditation, seeking isolation and reflection for a greater meaning to life.

"Prayer is the most important thing we need right now," MCKNIGHT says. "Everything else can run its course."

This isolation in the music video is seen by XION being alone or not connected with the people around him as he is on a stool facing away from his friends, as they jump around and have fun, and in a desolate alley alone rapping about life. These images are frequenting as they are contrasted with images of XION next to his homies, as fireworks pop off in the back, a power shot, which shows the duality of XION MCKNIGHT's life.

XION MCKNIGHT dubs his sound a sort of "dark but vibrant" cadence and sound that mirrors how he feels in life right now. Further, this idea of "dark but vibrant" can also be illustrated in the visual, with these moments of XION MCKNIGHT alone but still glowing, almost transcendent as he will always try to illuminate the world around him

even if it starts on the inside first.

Be sure to tap in with XION MCKNIGHT via social media as he will be releasing more singles and visuals very soon, @xionmcknight on Instagram and Twitter.

For the time being, watch XION MCKNIGHT's new music video, "PRAYER and PATIENCE," below!