• Kaela Carter

YAARB bares his soul on debut tape ‘Letter 2 The Streets’

'Letter 2 The Streets' is a promising effort from independent artist YAARB.

YAARB is an independent artist who’s coming with the heat this summer.

His newest project Letter 2 The Streets is a compilation of stories and reflections on what it was like for him coming from where he’s from. While the 7-track tape’s subject matter is melancholic, YAARB’s delivery is so sincere about what he has seen and gone through that even if listeners are not from the same sort of background they connect and relate through a universal feeling: pain.

His artist name, which comes from his unique last name "Yaarbro," is just one of the many things that sets this rising star apart. But, his experiences and upbringing have also played a role in his decision to pursue a music career. The Compton, California native may have grown up rough but he hasn’t let that hold him back from speaking about what he has gone through or how it has affected him.

“I’m passionate about music because a lot of us don’t know how to express our feelings or

talk. I believe music is the easiest way to do so,” YAARB stated during a recent interview. “Music is one of the ways I can be heard.”

A song that stands out on the project is the introspective “Meek Freestyle.” YAARB treats the beat like a vent session recounting life experiences such as being 13 and already hustling and apologizing to his mom for not going the path she saw for him. Despite the path he did choose, he is grateful it still worked out for them as he raps “I used to beg mama for it/now it’s paid for/ain’t it crazy we got everything that we prayed for?” because they’re now living a life with no worries. YAARB’s Anecdotes like this and on the outro track “Prayer From The Trenches” are such soulful and authentic expressions that make the project worth the listen.

While the main subject of the tape focuses on his own personal experiences, the overall message that YAARB wants audiences to take away is “that it’s okay to be yourself and love yourself” no matter their environment and circumstances.

Stream YAARB’s Letter 2 The Streets below.